Wexford Festival Opera Volunteers Award for Outstanding Leadership and Development

This award serves to recognise the significant contribution and leadership of Wexford Festival Opera Volunteers, and will be presented to a WFO Volunteer who has served to enhance the development, patron service and longevity of Wexford Festival Opera. Founded in 2011, 2014 will be the 4th year of this annual award.

Wexford Festival Opera was created by Volunteers. It is the reason that the unique world-renowned event is still here today, when other companies have failed or never got off the ground. We wish to highlight the many, many who are so generous with their time, energy, talent and passion into making Wexford Festival Opera possible year in and year out. And although there are only one or two recipients each year, the Wexford Festival Opera Volunteers Award for Outstanding Leadership and Development represents all our volunteers who strive to make a difference.

Some of the many ways our volunteers have contributed over the years, include supporting front-of-house activities, cloakroom, backstage, promoting, networking, artistic endeavours, wardrobe,  organisational matters, administrative functions, hospitality, transportation etc. etc. Our volunteers are local, national and international and come from all ages, backgrounds and professions.

Nominees must have demonstrated outstanding contribution to Wexford Festival Opera. Their contribution could have been demonstrated either by volunteering during the festival itself or at anytime throughout the year to enhance, promote, fundraise and/or develop Wexford Festival Opera as an organisation  and as an event.

Nominations open:     Monday, 1 September, 2014
Nominations close:    Friday, 19 September, 2014

Previous Winners:

2011 - Vivian Crofton

2012 - Elizabeth Foley

2013 - Tom Murphy & Bride Tynan