When the Festival began in 1951 it quickly took advantage of the local musical talent to fulfil the role of the chorus.  However, as the Festival grew and developed, so did the artistic demands of the chorus and it soon became evident that a full-time commitment would be necessary, an impossibility for the many volunteers who also held down jobs during the daytime.

In 1995, the then Artistic Director, Luigi Ferrari, introduced the Prague Choir to fulfil this role.  Although a professional choir, the Prague Choir was cast and managed independently of the Festival.  While this resolved an immediate need, it was never envisaged as a long-term solution for the Festival.

Since David Agler’s appointment as Artistic Director in 2005, he has set out to achieve three major artistic goals: the formation of the Wexford Festival Orchestra, established in 2006, the opening of the Wexford Opera House in 2008 and the establishment of a Wexford Festival Chorus, made up of rising young talent from Ireland and across Europe.

Commenting on  this artistic development, David Agler said, “I am particularly satisfied that the Festival will now have a chorus to call its own. Singers, directors and conductors come and go. The musical backbone of any fine opera house is its chorus and orchestra. We have now achieved this goal in Wexford and I would like to think that the establishment of the Wexford Festival Chorus and Orchestra will be my lasting contribution to the Festival.”

Each year, the Festival source and employs the finest musicians and young singers to form the Orchestra and Chorus of Wexford Festival Opera.

The details of the 2013 of the Orchestra and Chorus can be found below. Details of this year's memembers will be updated closer to the Festival.

The Orchestra & Chorus members for 2013 are listed below:

Orchestra of the Wexford Festival Opera 2013
1st Violins 2nd Violins
Fionnuala Hunt, Leader Paul O'Hanlon, Principal
Thérèse Timoney,Leader Nicola Cleary, Co-principal
Anita Vedres, Co-principal Aoife Dowdall
Lynda O'Connor Justyna Dabek-Liebig
Anne-Marie Twomey Rachel Du
Roisin Walters Deirdre Reddy
Katie O'Connor Robert Mahon
Lidia Jewloszewicz-Clarke Catherin Humphreys
Larissa O'Grady  
Rachel Grimes  
Feilimidh Ninan  
Violas Cellos
Beth McNinch, Principal Robert Truman, Principal
Robin Panter, Co-principal Paul Grennan, Co-principal
Triona Milne Siobhan Lynch
Carla Vedres Grainne Hope
Catriona Lightfoot Delia Lynch
Margaret Lynch  
Double Basses Flutes
Joe Csibi, Principal Ríona O’Duinnín, Principal
Maeve Sheil, Co-principal Marie Comiskey, 
Paul Stephens Kieran Moynihan
Chris Long  
Piccolo Cor Anglais
Marie Comiskey Ruth Berresford
Oboes Clarinets
Matthew Manning, Principal Conor Sheil, Principal
Ruth Berresford Suzanne Brennan
Rebecca Halliday John Forde
Bass Clarinet Contrabassoon
Suzanne Brennan Cliona Warren
Bassoons Horns
Paul Boyes, Principal Jocelyn Lightfoot, Principal
Cliona Warren Ruth O'Reilly
John Hearne Joesph Ryan
  Liam Daly
  David Carmody, Assistant
Trumpets Trombones
Dan Newell, Principal Ross Lynessal, Principal
David Collins Johnathan Clifton
Christopher Dowdall Paul Frost
Bass Trombone  
Paul Frost  
Tuba/Cimbasso Timpani
Michael Levis, Principal Noel Eccles, Principal
Percussion Harps
Bernard Reilly, Principal Dianne Marshall, Principal
Caitríona Frost Aisling Ennis

Angela Dakin

Adam Burnette  
Greg Ritchey  
Orchestra Manager Assistant Orchestra Manager
Joe Csibi Bernard Reilly
Sarah Burn  


Chorus of the Wexford Festival Opera 2013
Sopranos Mezzo-sopranos
Jennifer Davis Kristin Finnigan
Chloe Morgan Catia Moreso
Hannah Swale Alex Cassidy
Johane Ansell Laura Murphy
Aimee Toshney Natalie Sinnot
Kelley Lonergan Christina Gill
Anna Jeruc Leila Moreso
Samantha Hay Emma Watkinson
Rachel Croash  
Aimee Toshney  
Tenors Basses
Raffaele D'Ascanio Koji Terada 
Ronan Busfield Padraic Rowan
Richard Shaffrey Ian Beadle
Adam Kowalczyk Cormac Lawlor
Joe Morgan Nicholas Morris
Stuart Laing Ashely Mercer
Richard Hansen Jonny Sells
Leonel Pinheiro Jamie Rock
Peter Davoren Ryan Ross
Chorus Manager Chorus Master
Elenor Bowers-Jolley Errol Girdlestone
Chorus Pianist  
Janet Haney